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04.07. - 09.07.2021 Events
GOLDSCHMIDT21 | virtual Conference

NEXT presents result on compositional modelling of element cycling in soil and plant organs

10.06.2021 Events
MiningForum | Digital Event

Join us on 10th June 2021 for an online day of future-oriented presentations dicussions and networking with likeminded industry professionals.

09.06.2021 News
INSIGHT | Interviews with local stakeholders

NEXT shares outcomes of interviews conducted with local organized actors in Finland and Sweden

21.05.2021 News
MAPPING | Mineral Predictive Mapping with SOM

Predictive mineral mapping enables the rapid targeting of potentially ore-bearing areas and offers a means to significantly reduce on exploration costs

05.05.2021 News
GEOCHEMISTRY | Advances in mineral exploration in glaciated terrains

Upper soil geochemical sampling is one of the advanced, environmentally friendly techniques that NEXT successfully tested

25.04.2021 News
GEOPHYSICS | Magnetic Inversion with XYZ Components

Using 3-component XYZ vector magnetic measurements provide more information about the source than using the total field.

25.04.2021 News
GEOCHEMISTRY | Mineral Exploration in Glaciated Terrain

Preliminary results of a new study show the effectiveness of environmentally friendly geochemical exploration methods.

25.04.2021 News
EXPLORATION | Self-organizing Maps for Mineral Predictive Mapping

A case study has shown the application of self-organizing maps for mineral predictive mapping in tin deposits.


Our publications address scientific knowledge about the geology of our test site in Finland as well as research results about the importance of practices used to assess social impacts and interact with local communities.

Novel geophysical survey systems combined with multi-source geochemical methods, mineral systems modeling and high-end data fusion will provide comprehensive information on potential new exploration target areas.

INSIGHT | Interviews with local stakeholders

Sharing outcomes of interviews with local organized actors in Finland and Sweden

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EXPLORATION | Mineral predictive mapping

NEXT advances mineral predictive mapping with Self-Organizing Maps

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EXPLORATION | Advanced surface geochemical exploration

NEXT advances mineral exploration in glaciated terrains

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EXPLORATION | How do ore deposits form?

NEXT uses mineral systems modeling to improve our understanding

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EXPLORATION | Surface Geochemistry

Mineral prospecting with unconventional sampling material: Snow sampling

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EXPLORATION | From a bird's eye view

Radai’s pioneering research on non-invasive geophysical mineral exploration technologies with drones

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Publications | Research Brief on Social License to Explore (SLE) Concept

Research brief on the importance of practices used to assess social impacts and interact with local communities

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Publications | Scientific Abstracts Compilation and Field Guide to Raja Prospect

Peräpohja Belt, Finland

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Download our public project deliverables

D4.11 | Open-source stand-alone SOM software along with system concept

Class diagram / software design, Testing report, User’s manual

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D5.1 | Mapping key factors influencing effectiveness of social license during the exploration phase

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Deliverables | 7.2 Corporate Design

Project Website, Brochures, Leaflets, Newsletter

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Deliverables | 7.3 Report on Social Media

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Deliverables | 7.4 Report on Activities of the Press Bureau

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Our video explains how NEXT will develop new geomodels and novel sensitive exploration technologies which are fast, cost-effective, environmentally safe and potentially socially accepted.


NEXT Project Overview | In this video our project manager Juha Kaija and our scientific coordinator Vesa Nykänen explain our project objectives and concept to develop new innovative exploration technologies


Download press and information materials about our project.

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