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NEXT will develop new geomodels and novel sensitive exploration technologies which together are fast, cost-effective, environmentally safe and potentially socially accepted.

The project is built on three pillars of technological advances: (1) Mineral systems modeling, (2) exploration methods and approaches as well as (3) data processing and data integration tools. NEXT will combine the knowledge derived from the geological mineral systems research with the new advanced exploration techniques. The development of data analysis techniques is a crucial step in getting most out of the vast exploration data with lower costs and better accuracy. With these principles in mind, NEXT is taking steps toward more efficient and economically and environmentally sustainable mineral exploration. This will eventually lead into better success rate in exploration and new discoveries, which is important for the raw materials supply for European industrial development now and in the future.

NEXT pillars of advance
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Economy related: Exploration at lowest possible costs and identification of new exploration targets

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Technology related: Integrated approach of novel and more sensitive exploration technologies and solutions

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Policy related: Recommendations to feed the EU Raw Materials Strategie Implementation Plan

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Environment related: Environmentally sound and sustainable by reducing the exploration footprint

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Society related: lmproving awareness and trust of society to a sustainable raw materials exploration ultimately targeting the safeguarding of existing employment and creating further new employment opportunities


FINAL EVENT | NEXT shows final results

How innovative solutions and concepts will foster exploration success in Europe and beyond? On 15. September, ...

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WORKSHOP | Save the date for our final Stakeholder Workshop

The event brings the opportunity to share new knowledge and showcase the new exploration technologies that have been developed by the NEXT project.

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09.08. - 12.08.2021
SIMEXMIN | IX Brazilian Symposium on Mineral Exploration

Talk on "New Exploration Technologies and Data Fusion – Innovations of the Horizon 2020 NEXT Project" by our Scientific Coordinator Vesa Nykänen on Thursday 12. August 11.20 CET

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04.07. - 09.07.2021
GOLDSCHMIDT21 | virtual Conference

NEXT presents result on compositional modelling of element cycling in soil and plant organs

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POLICY | NEXT publishes 2nd Policy Brief

In our new Policy Brief the factors affecting local attitudes to mineral exploration are discussed and recommendations given

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PROSPECTION | Mineral prospectivity mapping

Transforming Regional-Scale Predictions to Target-Scale Detections – Empowered by Advanced Statistical and Machine Learning Methods

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UPDATE | Final Event only online

Due to the ongoing COVID crisis and travel limitations, we have decided to hold the Final Event & Results Day on 15.09.2021 as an online event only.

ARTICLES | Multilingual access

Articles published about NEXT news and developments are also available in different languages

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